Sri Lanka Sustainability Project

Our Sri Lankan partner, Kithu Sevana, is an indigenous church planting ministry with a twenty-year record of developing churches in Sri Lanka and South East Asia. The essence of the ministry is the belief that the great commission is to make disciples and the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.

We believe these two concepts are wedded and therefore effective ministry requires both church planting and caring for those in need. Through church planting, Kithu Sevana draws people to a loving relationship with God, and through acts of kindness, we care for those in need, both the rich and the poor.

Kithu Sevana serves through building and running two orphanages, two widows centers, a home for at-risk girls, a recovery center, a vocational training site and other ministries. We are developing a sustainability farm that will provide enough income to cover the costs of these ministries. Please see out gallery for more information.