A Monks Tale

One day after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, a monk moved frantically through the debris field of his ruined temple. Scouring among broken furniture, ruined computers and soggy religious artifacts he stacked the salvageable items in the middle of his land. “Can we help you brother?” The monk turned to see three young men gathered at the edge of his property. “Please, please”, the monk called out.

And so they helped, and continued to help for the next three days, until everything that could be restored, was restored. “I haven’t seen you before, why were you so caring of me?” the monk asked. One of the three replied. “We are Christians from the church just south of town. We helped because you needed it and that is what we believe in.” The monk got very quiet, mumbled a final thanks and turned away.

Three days later the three helpers were at their church when they noticed the monk slowly, reluctantly moving towards then. Looking down he stammered, “You remember you church was burned down three months ago. That was my doing. I am so sorry and will make sure no one bothers you again.” So far he has been true to his word.

Acts of grace change thing, they change minds, even among those with different beliefs, with different gods.